Mel Pollner Eulogies
Mel Pollner

November 17, 2007
Ken Leiter

Judy, Adrian, Leslie, friends and family,

Mel came to UCSB with Aaron Cicourel and was part of what we jokingly called "the Berkeley Mafia," but there was nothing standoffish or Donnish (in the Oxford sense) about Mel. We all felt that we'd known him for years. He was our translator of Cicourel's, Zimmerman's and Wieder's lectures and he did this graciously with humor and great finesse. When he left USCB to make his mark at UCLA, he left behind his doctoral dissertation which was a great resource for understanding ethnomethodology and remains so to this day. His lively wit and humor helped make graduate school enjoyable. To know Mel in those days was also to know Judy and how she supported him in his calling. They were a lively, and lovely couple. As the years went by and we went our separate ways, I would look in on Mel's career with a great deal of satisfaction. Mel lived up to the promise we saw in him during his graduate school years.

Mel fit the accolade "Gentleman and a Scholar," to a tee.

I know that Mel will live long in the memories of his family and friends.