Mel Pollner Eulogies
Mel Pollner

November 9, 2007
Yvette (Guerra) Jean

Mel was present throughout my graduate school career. I was a student in the first EPOS class he co-taught with John Heritage my very first quarter at UCLA, and he was there, serving on my dissertation committee, when I gave my final defense.

But the irony is that I never really got to know Mel. I recall meeting with him in his office once or twice about my dissertation, and I ran into him countless times in the halls or at talks. But I suppose I really came to know him through the people who felt close to him Bob Emerson, Tamara, Kerry and Judith. This shows that you never really know what kind of effect you have on people. I respect and admire Mel because he had a strong positive influence on the lives of the people in my life who are special to me.

I think it's like this a lot in life: we hear such neat things about our friends' friends, that we come to feel very attached to them, and we always think we'll have a chance to get to know them better. Mel had an extraordinary life, filled with love and laughter, and Im getting a second chance to learn more about his amazing life through developing his website even if I am repeating the same pattern. I find myself becoming more attached to him almost by proxy, by reading the memories others had of him.