Mel Pollner Eulogies
Mel Pollner

November 9, 2007
Michele Weiss

Mel was my uncle. I remember as a young child, perhaps 7 or 8, waiting for him to visit from that distant land called California. I waited, impatiently, while he and Judy slept (jet lag- I didn't understand). I always felt something magical in his presence: I couldn't describe it then and I still lack the eloquence to describe it now. "It", however, was just the feeling that everything in the world was right.

I would visit over the years and speak on the phone, and never once was I disappointed-that magical feeling was always there.

That magical feeling is really a simple way to describe how Mel would listen to me: his head cocked to the side and his characteristic "ah-ha" interjected every so often to remind me that he was truly listening. Listening and digesting every word.

In the last few months, I would call Mel to seek his advice on my son's D'vor Torah. Aaron, perhaps wiser than I could imagine, picked some esoteric theme to speak about. I called and asked him if Aaron's ideas made sense. Mel thought it a great idea, and rapidly added some more ideas for Aaron to ponder. Aaron gave a fabulous speech at his Bar Mitzvah. His Bar Mitzvah was on Mel's birthday.

Mel was giving in every way. His compassion and humanity was evident at all times.

My wish is that my children will grow up to be men like Mel: compassionate and kind.

I will miss him !