Mel Pollner wave line
A second service in memory of Melvin Pollner was held on Sunday, March 9, 2008 from 2-4 pm in the Sequoia Room at the UCLA Faculty Center.

Harvey Molotch

I remember the glint in Mel's eyes, the stunningly raucous intelligence that riffed across subjects without hesitation, indeed without even breathing. We were young together and although I had no idea when we first met at UCSB what he was talking about, I knew brilliance like that would take me somewhere good to go. His scholarship, in the most fundamental of ways, pursued the basis of human kindness. He carried that very attribute into the lives of friends, students and colleagues. His sharp intuitions about others were weapons of affection. Over the decades, I only wish I had been around for more.

Note: Harvey is now at NYU, but he was at UCSB when Mel was there as a graduate student.